By Joanna Pasceri on WKBW-TV on June 25, 2015.

"A major event is coming to Buffalo's Riverworks and Adriana Gonzales-Vera and her company are involved in the planning.

A year ago she and her partner Shawn Patterson formed Haute La Vie, a business that promotes local musicians.

Her work is also motivated by her love of Buffalo. The native Peruvian who has lived in Colombia and Mexico fell in love with the Queen City when she came here to go to college. "I love the soul that it has," said Gonzales-Vera.

That's why she got behind Vibe Fest. The event set for Saturday, July 18 is part of Buffalo Reunion Weekend that raises awareness of the city's rebirth, encouraging people to come here to live and work.

Gonzales-Vera is helping to spread a positive vibe in our community, and even though she hopes to one day expand her business internationally, she plans to keep it rooted right here in Buffalo. "All of the creative people in the past who have left Buffalo to make it, now can really make it here. That's our goal," she said..

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