"I’m giving away a big secret that Buffalo has been keeping from everyone for a long time," claims Sharon Mendelaoui in An Entertainment Getaway in Buffalo, New York, a post on Dreamtravelmagazine.com (April 16, 2015). 

The secret? "Buffalo, I’m learning, is a sophisticated place, filled with amazing dining experiences that I’ve only scratched the surface of discovering and some pretty amazing entertainment options for movie lovers and theatre goers."

Dream Travel Magazine is a relatively robust Canadian online travel resource. 

Mendelaoui starts by extolling the amazingly cheap ticket prices for Broadway shows at Shea's, especially compared to what folks pay in Toronto. She then takes time to gush over the fabulous, historic theater, suggesting at least a tour if a show is not on the itinerary. She saw Cinderella and was suitably impressed.

She then heads to Hertel, to the newly restored North Park Theater. She gets the significance and the beauty of the place, and also gives a nod to the interesting programming. Remember, The American Side World Premiere is there on Friday, April 22!

For those who want some dinner to go with their show, Mendelaoui somewhat inexplicably first suggests Hutch's. It's a very nice restaurant with lovely food, but nowhere near either of the theaters. How about Lombardo's? Or CRāVing

Osteria is next on her list, and Nick Pitillo's place is more than close enough to Shea's. I'm really glad it made the cut. I just love Osteria.

She then recommends staying at the Embassy Suites, the Lofts on Pearl or the Canalside Marriott. OK. But I'd love to see a B&B or two make these lists.

Aimed at our neighbors in southern Ontario. And we say, Come on over! The theater's fine and the dining is delicious.