Meet Scott and Al. They travel and blog on In a DC Minute.

Their stay in Buffalo, sponsored by Visit Buffalo Niagara, produced not one but three blog posts, each one more enthusiatic than the last. In Part One, they wax poetic on the amazing Buffalo pride of place, enjoy Picasso: The Artists and his Models currently at the Albright-Knox, and head across Elmwood to the Burchfield Penney. They come up with an interesting tip: " It was interesting to take our relationship out of our typical restaurant date and learn each other’s artistic tastes and sensibilities." Hmmmm...Now there' a thought.

Part II takes them to the magnificent Inn Buffalo on Lafayette, their accomodations. Again, while they appreciate the boutique hotel (that really DOES make a perfect Staycation location in Elmwood Village), it's the owners who pump them up. "if you want to meet Buffalo’s unofficial spokesman and ambassador, just spend a few minutes talking with Joe [Lettieri]. We gleaned insight into the history of the city and the wealth of the man whose residence this was (Herbert Hewitt, industrialist and inventor) and became overwhelmed by the depth of Joe’s love for Buffalo." Way to impress, Joseph and Ellen! If you haven't yet been inside and met this wonderful, make a point of taking a Staycation there over the holidays.

A nightcap at Buffalo Proper evokes the following observation: "The atmosphere alone (candles, dark wood tables, and an expansive bar) evokes a romance that is flirtatious and sexy on every date we’ve had at Proper. Trendy and sexy – the perfect Buffalo Date Night combination."

After quick stops at the Bidwell Market, Talking Leaves and Second Chic, the couple had lunch at Lait Cru Brasserie wandered around the Horsefeathers Winter Market, and spent the rest of their 24-stay at the  Darwin D. Martin House. Not a bad template for what to do with folks visiting for a day or two over the holidays.

And the grand finale: "24 hours in the Queen City and we understand now why the residents of Buffalo are so proud of their city. As it seems that when things are thrown out into the universe, the universe listens, I’ll say it now: someday I hope to have a little spot on a side street in Buffalo where Scott and I can go and spend several nights at a time, hopping from restaurant to restaurant, taking in plays, and walking around art galleries. Could happen, no? In the meantime, we will take every opportunity to explore more of this lovely city in Western New York."

Youy are welcome here anytime!