"I’m a shameless fan of this Rust Belt locale that’s constantly reinventing itself. It’s the second largest city in New York and it’s just a 90-minute drive from Toronto." So begins Jennifer Bain's "8 things to do now in Buffalo," enthusiastic recommendations of great places to eat and drink, as well as places to go and things to do in Buffalo for her readers on OurWindsor.ca.

If you already live in Buffalo, you're 20 minutes or less than every place on the list. Places on it that you have not yet been to belong on your bucket list. 

Starting with fine food, she first sends readers to ToutantMarble + Rye and/or Tipico.

Shopping is next, She recommends Buffalo Adore in the Market Arcade complex and mentions Expo (more food), the Queen City Popup and the Atinga Project stall

She gives the Mansion on Delaware Avenue very high marks for comfort and services, and mentions The Roycroft Inn and the forthcoming Hotel Henry at the Richardson Olmsted Complex. Although Bain is clearly familiar with ROC, she fails to mention the guided tours of this beautiful campus. 

The Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Darwin Martin House Complex are the two top stops in Buffalo, and she also recommends a road trip is to East Aurora, with suggested stops at Vidler’s 5 & 10, the Roycroft Campus, and lunch that includes artisan bread at the Elm Street Bakery

All in all, a pretty good list if you have just a day or two to spend in Buffalo, and it's not a bad checklist for locals, either. When was the last time you toured the Darwin Martin House? 

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