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Douglas Levere Photo
Capturing life in images.

2495 Main St RM 402
Buffalo, NY 14214
Tel: (716) 566-7913
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Capturing life in images in all its individuality and eccentricity has been my life for almost two decades. From the kings of Wall Street to theatrical drag queens, I've photographed news makers, celebrities, still life, and architecture for many different clients, including advertising agencies, corporations, educational institutions, and national magazines.

I like the challenge that a new job poses. How to best convey the mood, personality, and distinction of each job by focusing on an assignment's objectives.

This is what I do, a passion that has been rooted in my family over four generations, dating back to my great-granddad painting portraits of news makers of the day in New York's Lower East side. My grandfather was a one man design firm, mom a fashion illustrator and my dad a commercial printer. That all provided the inspiration for me to build my life around images.

I've had the opportunity of assisting some of the world's greatest photographers, gleaning their insights into a style of my own. A comprehensive style that encompasses ideas within Russian constructivism to the documents of Eugene Atget.

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