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Hello Buffalo! Urban Hikes & Bikes
Hello Buffalo! Urban Hikes & Bikes does several different Urban Hikes & Bikes in and around Buffalo. Some are hiking, some are biking, and some are both! We take you to spots in Buffalo that will make you see the city from a whole new perspective!

Buffalo, NY
Tel: (716) 380-2722
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I was born and raised right here in the Buffalo area, I love this town! I love the history here (both the good and the not so good!) the architecture, the energy and the revitalization we are experiencing in Buffalo right now!

Several years back, I went on a bike ride with some family, and ended up having the most amazing experience! We rode along the river, over to Unity Island, had lunch on the banks of the mighty Niagara, and continued out along the breakwall and under the Peace Bridge! I couldn't believe I had never been there before, and I fell in love with my city all over again!

I'd like to give you that same type of experience! One that will stick with you for many years! Come Hike & Bike with me.

Ellen Zelasko, owner / guide

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