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The Massage Studio - Buffalo
Providing Western NY with Relaxation, Couples and Prenatal massages for over 12 years with affordable prices and free hot stones. Come see our new office! Huge parking lot, beautiful rooms, and a GREAT MASSAGE!

385 Cleveland Dr #201
Buffalo, NY 14215
Tel: (716) 870-0240
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The Massage Studio-Buffalo offers Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage In Buffalo NY. Couples, Deep Tissue, Back & Neck, General Swedish, Prenatal Massages - all including Hot Stone Therapy at no additional charge. We have also added a Speciality Services section including - Raindrop Therapy, Chakra Balancing and Aromatherapy Body Wrap's  under the services m?enu. Our highly trained New York State Licensed Massage Therapists are able to help with a wide variety of medical conditions along with the usual wear and tear that we place on the body. 
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