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We are your one stop educational guide for sweet dreams and an energy filled day!

1211 Hertel Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216
Tel: (716) 235-1505

Opening Hours

Saturday: 11AM - 5PM

Private Shopping Sessions Available
(Monday - Friday) Book Online.
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Energy-filled days start with restful nights. We are your one stop sleep resource for all your sleep needs. Whether you are looking to improve the quality of your sleep or address sleep challenges, we provide the education + tools to get you your best sleep naturally.

Stop in for one of our weekly sleep + wellness workshops for both children and adults, book or attend one of our many community sleep health programs or to explore the beautiful array of gifts and health tools we carry to aid in helping you get your best sleep naturally.

Our services include:

- Sleep Consultations + Coaching 
- Sleep Assessments
- Diagnostic Sleep Testing
(Home + In-Lab: Referred Out)
- Sleep Disorder Therapy Management
- Corporate Wellness Programs
- Community Outreach Programs
- School Programs- Pre-K, Elementary, High School and College
- Sleep + Wellness Workshops; Including weekly yoga for sleep sessions
- Retail Storefront: Education, Resources and Tools
- Online Retail Shop

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