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Buffalo Inner-City Ballet Co Inc

2495 Main St Ste 351
Buffalo, NY 14214
Tel: (716) 833-1243
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The Buffalo City Ballet has been providing exceptional dance education and opportunities to greater Western New York residents for the past 30 years. Founded 1972 by Karl Singletary an accomplished dancer, with Niagara Frontier Ballet, the Buffalo Inner City Ballet was created to provide minority and disadvantaged children of Western New York the opportunity to train in classical dance. The Buffalo City Ballet sought to foster artistry, personal growth and confidence in each child through the rigorous discipline of ballet. Through the diligence and vision of BICB's founders and with the support of local and national funding organizations, children with little or no exposure to the arts have had the opportunity to learn to dance, to develop their artistic and physical abilities, and to display their achievement to a Western New York audience, all in a positive and nurturing environment.

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