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UB Center for the Arts
a unique, non-profit cultural institution

103 Center For The Arts
Buffalo, NY 14260
Tel: (716) 645-2787
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The Center for the Arts is a unique, non-profit cultural institution established by the University at Buffalo in 1994.  

Our Mission:
The Center for the Arts presents a wide range of high quality performing arts and visual arts for the University, the State and the region, and enhances and augment the academic activities of the fine and performing arts departments at the University at Buffalo. 

Through its facilities and programs, the Center for the Arts plays a significant role in accomplishing the mission of the University, presenting enriched educational and cultural opportunities through University performances, state and regional events, and national and international touring productions and exhibits. 

The Center for the Arts also functions as a multi-purpose facility, providing an appropriate setting for University and community events

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