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Global Bridge Impact for Refugees & Immigrants Services

70 Barker Street
Buffalo, NY 14209
Tel: (716) 830-5635
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As the refugee population in the Queen City continues to grow (6,000+ over the past 4 years), so does the need for services that cater to this specific community of people.  Refugees often arrive in this country without the skills neccessary to properly accomodate themselves, and most government assistance is relinquished after 120 days.

Global Bridge Impact is a non-profit organization that aims to assist refugees/immigrants from all over the globe and facilitate their assimilation into a new culture.  Our goal is to guide, support, and empower refugees through various social services with an ultimate objective of having them become self-sufficient, contributing members of community.

Services include but are not limited to:

Transportation to appointments/school/work

Free daycare

Employment assistance

Interpretive services

Tutelage/Education services

Resettlement services


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