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Gateway-Longview - Williamsville

6350 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221
Tel: (716) 633-7266
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Gateway-Longview is a child and family service organization in Buffalo, NY that has been providing care, counseling, and support to countless children and families in Western & Central New York since 1890. 

Gateway and Longview were founded by faithful parishioners focused on serving orphaned and abandoned children. Gateway was originally known as the Buffalo Deaconess Home of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Longview Niagara was originally named the Protestant Home for Unprotected Children. In 1996, the two organizations merged to become Gateway-Longview. 
Over the years, Gateway-Longview’s programs and services have changed to meet the ever changing needs of children and families in our community. Yet the mission of enriching children’s lives through high-quality, best practice programs remains the same. Gateway-Longview serves approximately 3,600 children & families each year through its 18 different programs, which focus on educational, residential, and community services.
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