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Albright-Knox Art Gallery
contemporary and modern art

1285 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
Tel: (716) 882-8700

Opening Hours

10 am–5 pm Tuesday
10 am–5 pm Wednesday
10 am–5 pm Thursday
10 am–5 pm Friday
10 am–5 pm Saturday
10 am–5 pm Sunday
10 am–10 pm M&T FIRST FRIDAYS
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The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is dedicated to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of contemporary and modern art. As a hub of artistic and cultural energies, it strives to be an inspiring educational resource for all audiences.

Founded officially in December 1862, The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy—the governing body of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery—is among the country's oldest public arts institutions in the United States.

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