Wine Society - Port & Sherry -- How It's Made
Saturday 17th Feb, 2018

Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $10 - $60
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Wine Society 2018
Expand your knowledge, share your passion, and develop your wine sensory skills by participating in Victorianbourg's Wine Society!

Our First Meeting

Date: February 17th
Time: 6:30
Topic: Port and Sherry -- How it's Made

For this wine society meeting we will delve into the wine world of port and sherry. We will begin our journey by screening a portion of a Year in Port, a film which introduces and explains how Port is made in its native home: Portugal. The screening will be followed by a trip into the production facility where winemaker/proprietor Dan will discuss how Victorianbourg's Potensus Fine Sienna (port-style wine) and Apera Cream (sherry-style) wine are made. We will wrap up the evening with a taste of these wines alongside a port from Portugal and a pairing dish.
About the Wine Society

Our wine society is an opportunity for individuals with various levels of wine knowledge to come together to learn, enjoy, and discuss wine in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The society hosts bi-monthly meetings that consist of a seminar on a wine topic and a wine tasting/food pairing session. By joining the society and attending meetings you will get hands-on experience that will have you actively participating in wine-making in our production facility, wine growing in our vineyards, and wine tasting in the tasting room. These experiences will give you an insider's insight into the world of wine and expand your knowledge beyond the boundaries of a traditional tasting room visit or winery tour. One of the perks your meeting fee includes a glass of Victorianbourg wine!
New Meeting Structure

Each meeting will consist of two parts:

1. Seminars
* Society meetings will begin with a seminar on a designated wine topic, which will be chosen two weeks prior to the meeting date in order to better reflect what is going on in the winery and vineyard at that time. The society's wine seminars break away from the lecture room format and get you actively involved in the topic that you are learning. For example at one of last year's meetings wine society members blended wine in our wine making facility! Before some of our seminars a movie will be screened that ties into the seminar topic.

2. Wine Tasting/Food Pairing
* For the wine tasting portion of the class a variety of wines will be chosen for you to taste and evaluate. During this time there will be a group discussion on each wine where individuals can share their personal evaluations. There will also be a food pairing that matches with one or more of the wines being tasted. We will also evaluate a wine from another region to see how it compares and contrasts to wines from Victorianbourg.

2018 Meeting Schedule

**meeting topics will be chosen two weeks prior to the meeting date in order to better reflect what is going on in the winery and vineyard at that time**

Feb. 17th - Port & Sherry -- How It's Made - meeting start time 6:30 pm
Apr. 21st - meeting start time 6:30 pm
Jun. 2nd - meeting start time 6:30 pm
Aug. 25th - meeting start time 6:30 pm
Oct. 6th - meeting start time 6:30 pm
Dec. 8th - meeting start time 6:30 pm

Meeting Fee

-$15 per meeting
-$36 for 3 meeting package
-$60 for 6 meeting package
-Wine 'N' Roses club members $10 per meeting
*fee covers tasting, a glass of wine enjoyed during the meeting, and meeting attendance
*to get the meetings package discount, package must be purchased in advance

Reserve Your Spot

Reserve your spot at a meeting, or purchase a meeting package by contacting the winery via phone 716-751-6576, email, or when you stop by Victorianbourg's tasting room.
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