Model Transit Cities
Wednesday 20th Apr, 2016

United Way
742 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14222
Time: 5:30 - 7:00pm l Doors: 5:00
Cost: FREE
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Imagine a quick and comfortable ride from Lancaster to Canalside.  Imagine a system that is reliable, convenient and seamlessly connected across all transportation modes.  Imagine multi-modal travel solutions that can meet your many transportation needs and challenges without having to drive and park all the time. Imagine you can take transit to the airport. No parking fees, no asking friends to drop you off.  All that convenience and you also have plenty of time to fix that power point for your next presentation and send it along on seamless Wi-Fi connections. 

This is the future and it’s already happening in a growing list of other places. It can happen here too, if we heed the lessons being offered.

On Wednesday April 20th, 2016 at 5:30 p.m., Walter Simpson, Shaun Cleaver, and Chris Hawley will speak about transit systems in Portland, Oregon, Toronto, Ontario, and Bogotá, Colombia. In response to growing traffic congestion and shrinking land space, cities around the world are blowing up the concept of transportation as simple conveyance, to an extension of the social organism, by creating systems that are holistic, attractive and user friendly. Buffalo, a city propelled forward by an economic renaissance, is a city that has a better chance at sustaining that welcome growth if it takes some cues from some of the smartest transit cities in the western hemisphere.  At transportation ground-zero, Buffalo’s transit system, about to be bum-rushed by the biggest population growth in a half-century, has the chance to secure its future for generations to come.  With growth comes congestion and with congestion comes pollution – unless smart multimodal transportation is part of the plan.  Smart transportation shrinks city’s carbon footprints, moves people efficiently and makes cities attractive places to live, work, and raise families. Creative 21st century transportation solutions sustain the economies of the future.

Come see what is possible.

This Quarterly Meeting of the CITIZENS FOR REGIONAL TRANSIT is FREE and Open to All!

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