IN Balance | Energize and Motivate: Sleep, Movement, and Diet Six-Week Series
Thursday 12th Apr, 2018 → Thursday 24th May, 2018
Days: Thu

1211 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY
Time: 6-7pm
Cost: 165.00
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A new 6-week series focused on teaching you how to use sleep, nutrition, and movement to create a more balanced lifestyle. Hosted by Root and Rise Ayurveda. 

Having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Feeling uninspired? Feeling lazy? Issues with congestion? This class is for you. This class will have a vigorous pace. We will focus on the subtle body of the chakras and the energy that is pulsing through us. We will work on keeping the shoulders drawn back so our chests are expanded. We will stay in difficult poses for longer periods of time. We will keep a sharp gaze and generate a sense of lightness in our bodies. We will work on precision and alignment in the postures. This class will end with a restorative pose and a breath focused meditation. Suitable for those with a kapha constitution, anyone who is needing to pacify a kapha imbalance, or anyone during the late winter and spring season.

In this series you will recieve 7 yoga classes, one hands on cooking class for your mind-body type, and a workshop called Spring Metabolism Tune Up.

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