Dinosaurs Summer Camp
Monday 3rd Aug, 2015 → Friday 7th Aug, 2015

Stutelage Innovations
6725 Transit Road East Amherst, NY
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Dinosaurs Summer Camp
August 3rd - 7th
9:00am - 12:00pm
Daniel Schwagler
Elementary & Middle School
$30/Daily Drop-In
Register: http://stutelage.com/events/dinosaurs-summer-camp/

Dinosaurs come alive at Stutelage in this exciting week where campers are immersed in the prehistoric world of dinosaurs.  Travel through time to explore the incredible creatures from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous time periods.  Campers will enjoy interactive activities such as a dinosaur dig, interesting science lessons and creative art projects.  Make your own dinosaur castings, fossil impressions and T-Rex hats.  Learn about our prehistoric world and how dinosaurs became extinct.  This unique camp is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as we participate in a dinosaur chase and act as paleontologists!


Introduction to Dinosaurs
Science & Cooperative Learning: Fossil Dig
ELA: Compare and Contrast Dinosaur Types
Art: Make Play Dough for Dino Castings
Math: Triceratops Spots and Dinosaur Ladders Place Value Board Game
Cooperative Learning: Dinosaur BINGO

Science: Continental Drift Lesson and Pangea Model Creations
ELA: Dinosaur Fantasy Story Brainstorm
Art: Create Dinosaur Castings
Science: From Dinosaurs to Mammals Lesson
Math: Calculating Time Lapse
Music & Dance: Dance Like a Dinosaur

Cooperative Learning & Science: Dinosaur Prehistoric Egg Hunt
Culinary Arts & Math: Flintstone Baking Activity with a Focus on Converting Fractions
ELA: Nonfiction Text Features Lesson and Read-Aloud
Science: Bill Nye Dinosaur Lesson and Discussion
Art: Create T-Rex Hat Crafts
Social Studies: Landform Dinosaurs

Art: Dino Hand Painting
Math: Dinosaur Egguivalent Fractions
Science: Extinction Lesson and Activity
Art: Dinosaur Feet Craft
Social Studies: The Job of a Paleontologist

Science: Fossil Lesson
Cooperative Learning: Prehistoric Bone Dig
Art: Fossil Impression Craft
ELA: Affixes Lesson - Breaking Apart Words
Art: Dinosaur Collage Craft

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