Cinderella Summer Camp
Monday 3rd Aug, 2015 → Friday 7th Aug, 2015

Stutelage Innovations
6725 Transit Road East Amherst, NY
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Cinderella Summer Camp
August 3rd - 7th
12:30 - 3:30pm
Jenelle Friedman
Preschool & Elementary
$30/Daily Drop-In

You are invited to a Royal Ball at Stutelage! This week is Cinderella week and princesses of every age are invited to come and learn what it means to be a princess!  We will read various versions of Cinderella and even host our own ball!  Even though Cinderella did not have the easiest time with her step-sisters, we will learn how she kept her head up.  Be prepared to transform from rags to riches this week!


ELA: Interactive Read-Aloud of Cinderella
Math: Telling Time and Time Lapse
Art: Make Your Own Magic Wand
ELA: Writing Workshop - Use Story Starters to Write Your Own Fairy Tale
Art: Make Invitations for the Royal Ball

Cooperative Learning: Cinderella's Chores Game
ELA: Complete Interactive Read-Aloud of Cinderella
Math: Pin the Glass Slipper on Cinderella with Math Facts
ELA: Comparing/Contrasting Character Traits
Math: Measurement Lesson: Measure Your Feet to Determine if the Slipper Fits

ELA: Reader's Theater
History: Kate Middleton and Princess Diana Lesson
Art: Royal Crown Creations
ELA: Bippity Boppity Boop Alliteration Activity 
Social Studies: Cinderella Around the World

ELA: Sequencing Game
Cooperative Learning: Princess Name Game
Art: Cinderella's Castle Made out of Paper Rolls
ELA: “...And They Lived Happily Ever” After Poetry Writing
Math: Rags to Riches Card Game
Art: Pumpkin Crafts

Cooperative Learning: Cinderella's Team Building Games
ELA: Read and Compare Sidney Rella with Cinderella
Cooperative Learning: Princess Lessons 101
Math: Princess Fact Fluency 
Cooperative Learning: Cinderella's Royal Ball!

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