Santa Claus is Coming Out
Friday 5th Dec, 2014 → Saturday 20th Dec, 2014

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Buffalo United Artists (BUA) presents at Alleyway Theatre's Main Street Cabaret, Santa Claus Is Coming Out.  The theatrical mock-u-mentary, is about the worldwide scandal surrounding the outing of Santa Claus. Writen by Jeffrey Solomon, directed by Christopher Standart, starring Timothy Patrick Finnegan it traces the intensely personal struggle of the great holiday icon.

There was the year Christmas was saved by a reindeer with a red nose.  And the year a pesky cold nearly made Santa cancel the whole thing.  But this is the year Santa vacates the closet.  Having hidden his true identity from the world that has loved and depended on him for years, he risks his reputation and the legacy he has built to tell his truth.  Encountering friends and foe along the way, this solo play takes a comedic look at the way the world treats our role models and the things that happen when they defy our expectations.  For more information visit: or call (716)886-9239.  Also visit or call (716)852-2600 x0.

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