Priest Tyaire presents MRS. INDEPENDENT
Sunday 2nd Nov, 2014

Shea's Buffalo
646 Main Street Buffalo , NY 14202
Time: 5:00pm
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Priest Tyaire Presents: Mrs. Independent ~ The Stage Play Featuring: Robin Givens, Christopher Williams, Dottie Peoples, Tony Grant & Trisha Mann-Grant "Mrs. Independent," based on a true story, takes audiences on a riveting, yet thought-provoking journey of exploring questions like - Can a woman still love her husband if she is the primary breadwinner? Will the roles reverse with her wearing the pants while he ultimately works to honor her every demand? But, what if he is a good man that's faithful and does actually contribute to the household? Is it possible that true love, affection and Godly integrity can be restored to the marriage? In "Mrs. Independent," Priest Tyaire and Robin Givens take on the leading roles. Trey (Priest Tyaire), maintains an honest and respectable salary of $40,000 a year as a head mechanic, while his wife, Carleena (Robin Givens), climbs the corporate ladder as an attorney and advances to a six figure salary. This creates a financial imbalance in the home which leads the marriage on a downward spiral of emotional and spiritual conflicts. Critics are saying, "If you don't see any other play this year, you must see 'Mrs. Independent.'"

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