Hip Hop In Black & White
Friday 18th Dec, 2015

Time: 7pm
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This is what you've been waiting for. Friday December 18th 2015 at Sheas Smith Theater local artists of all cultural backgrounds coming together in the Greatest Hiphop event to be held right here in downtown Buffalo Ny. This event is hosted by Todd Anderson and including performances from Code Red Global, FeezySwavy, Cake Boss Ent, Nemisis Poe, The States, Lazyrus, and Rich $laves. Schedualed poetry from LiPs co-founder Ben Brindise and cover music played by local band Surviving Friday.

Special guest appearance by Team Finks and Loud Pack Records. Includes many additional features on the sets such as AnDrew Phouapadith, KB from Ruff Ryders and K-Gee from BMM and dance performance by SHY.Tickets are $10 and available until sold out.

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