The Freeway Revival & Ajamaja
Friday 30th Jan, 2015

Iron Works
49 Illinois St. Buffalo, NY 14203
Time: 9pm
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he Freeway Revival
The Freeway Revival is a band that was forged on the road. A very extensive schedule of touring has built a band that has developed an archive of original material as well as a strong chemistry and stage presence.These long hours of travel and the shows that lay in between built a hard working band and a brother hood among its members . A passion developed for making and performing creative original music which has led to the desire of constant improvement and the spread of the band’s name and reputation.

At the first listen to The Freeway Revival’s classic rock, blues,country, and jazz blend, the ears are reminded of a time when music was about things that people could understand and relate to as well as enjoy. In a since, the music from a generation ago is reborn and performed with the same passion and feeling that left such a definite mark on the hearts and souls of the past. Weather it is a live performance or a recording, The Freeway Revival is sure to bring not only a consistent high quality of music but a high quality of entertainment. Once you hear the beautiful guitar harmonies, subtle vocal harmonies, accompanied with an assortment of beautiful piano and organ melodies,the spell is cast and the listener is pulled into a barrage of classic sounding, everyday living music.

An eclectic grouping comprised out of some cosmic space debris, has come together to form a multifaceted monster we like to call AjamajA. This musical ensemble is more than just a band of heathens. Putting forth a longitudinal stance on what all consider music, this group can take it to the next level from take-off. Grab some clothes-pins and keep your eyes completely peeled to witness this that is AjamajA. Buffalo based and having been in other key bands around the city and region, these guys are ready to take the scene by storm, sent here to expand the minds and ears of those alike.

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