Chris Squier & The Low Men, Rob Falgiano, Porcelain Train, Nimble Vagrant, Irregardless, Harvey Brice, & The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
Saturday 3rd Jan, 2015

The Forvm
4224 Maple Road Buffalo, NY 14226
Time: 6pm
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For The Music Productions Presents:

Chris Squier Band & The Low Men, Rob Falgiano, Harvey Brice - Songwriter, Porcelain Train, Nimble Vagrant, Irregardless, & Steve & MJ Roth (The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter)

Saturday, January 3rd
$5.00 cover at the door
Ages 18+ (unless accompanied by a parent/guardian)
Doors open at 6:00pm


Chris Squier & The Low Men:

Chris' music draws fans of the best of adult comtemporary rock songwriting, beautiful harmonies and thoughtful musicianship. Their new EP "Flowers Beneath the Ashes" is currently in rotation in 30 radio stations across the US and Europe. As a solo artist, Chris' "working-man's rasp" and Americana poetry draws audiences in with true, heartfelt tales of modern fragility, heartbreak and of course finding your way back. He continues to perform and tour nationally. He has performed in over 100 cities from NY to LA to Boise, ID. Noteable venues include the House of Blues in Anaheim California, Club 416 in NYC, and Thursday in the Square in his hometown of Buffalo, NY.

Rob Falgiano:

Buffalo, NY singer-songwriter ROB FALGIANO celebrates the release of his 8th full-length recording - NICE MOUTH - a 14-song, 60-minute effort exploring rock, soul, and funk, with a jazz undercurrent.

Harvey Brice:

Harvey Brice is his own man entirely, a gifted singer/songwriter with none of the pretensions or histrionics that plague so many songwriters. Due to that lack of egoism, Harvey Moon is post modern in the best sense, both lyrically and musically.

Porcelain Train:

Porcelain Train is an acoustic Americana music duo. We perform mainly original music featuring Tamala Fonda on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Ralph Fonda on djembe and vocals. A unique blend of rhythm and harmony combined with thoughtful lyrics.

Nimble Vagrant:

The band formed in October 2011, when Pour Ould Goat members Brian Carney & Jeff Jankowski found bassist Ryan Gurnett through a Craigslist ad. Everyone in the band has their own specialty, whether it be songwriting, arranging, production, that they bring to the table. Look for Nimble Vagrant at your favorite purveyor of booze soon.


The world, more accurately Buffalo, NY, has experienced Irregardless in full force. Now it's time you did! Come check out a Progressive Funk like none other. Brendan's shredding flurries on the guitar. Mike's odd yet evenly timed drum fills. Dillon's vocal range and words of wisdom. Ryan's epic bass slapping. You won't be disappointed by the style that is, Irregardless.

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter:

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter is a one-off project by Steven and Meredith Roth. Both individually accomplished singer-songwriters, they combined their creative juices to produce "if I should stumble," a collection of songs chronicling love and faith's often times, turbulent nature. The pair occasionally perform together, singing songs from if I should stumble as well as those from Steven's solo album, beautiful addiction.


Saturday, January 3rd
$5.00 cover at the door
Ages 18+ (unless accompanied by a parent/guardian)
Doors open at 6:00pm

at: The Forvm
Maple Ridge Plaza
4224 Maple Rd. @ Sweet Home
Buffalo, NY 14226

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