Nickel City Chef: Boye vs Lomo Lomo
Sunday 8th Apr, 2018

Artisan Kitchens and Baths
200 Amherst St Buffalo, NY 14207
Time: 2:30 Doors l 3:00 - 5:00pm Competition
Cost: $45
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This final installment of Nickel City Chef’s 2018 season features Nickel City Chef Jennifer Boye versus Challenging Chefs Sam Geyer and Matt Pauszek (Lomo Lomo).

The last time a challenger will ever battle a Nickel City Chef is this upcoming Sunday! Join us for the last installment of the ten-season series that's helped transform the way Buffalo thinks about local farms and chefs!


Matthew Pauszek and Sam Geyer, the young chef-owners of Lomo Lomo, share their passion for big flavors with WNYers from their popular food truck at cool outdoor events during the warm weather, but do they have what it takes to beat the nearly undefeated Nickel City Chef Jennifer Boye?

Boye has recently taken the reigns at Churn Soft Serve, Lloyd Taco Factory's sweet little sister, and incidentally, the home of the only chef to ever beat her during her stint as a NCC, Teddy Bryant! It's going to be a crazy and exciting battle featuring a secret ingredient from one of our very favorite farmers. Click the link below for tickets!

(P.S. Our Supersized Deluxe Grand Finale takes on Thursday, April 12 and features all four Nickel City Chefs and a bunch of fun:

This event is not recommended for children under 16.Nickel City Chef takes place in one of the city’s best kept secrets–a fully restored turn-of-the-century warehouse on Buffalo’s West Side (home to Artisan Kitchens & Baths). Outfitted with two competition-worthy kitchens, this unique setting is the ideal location for guests to enjoy snacks and drinks while experiencing this one-of-a-kind cooking competition first hand.

The audience watches as the Nickel City Chefs and their challengers attempt to create the three best dishes in under an hour! Your ability to immerse yourself in the event is enhanced by the 12 flat panel televisions that hang throughout the location, providing close-ups of both chefs stoves and work spaces.

Each chef employs classic and modern techniques in order to showcase their skills and the secret ingredient. All of Nickel City Chef’s secret ingredients come from farms and small artisinal food manufacturers right here in Western New York!

Guest judges and local food professionals determine which chef has prepared the most technically perfect, creative and delicious cuisine. As a member of the audience, you’ll even have a say by voting for your favorite!

No other city in the U.S. offers an ongoing competitive food series as finely-tuned, as audience-friendly or as ambitious as Nickel City Chef.

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