Mudslide Obstacle Trail Run
Saturday 15th Jun, 2019

Tannenbaum Lodge at Holiday Valley Resort
6773 Holiday Valley Road Ellicottville, NY 14731
Time: Waves starting at 10:00
Cost: $55
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The Holiday Valley Mudslide is a mudrun that's really, really FUN. Yes, you'll get muddy, yes there is running, yes there are up to 14 obstacles but NO fire, NO barbed wire and NO electric shocks! The 3.5 mile course  starts at the top of the mountain at Spruce Lake (we'll even give you a ride up on a chairlift) and runs along the ridgeline then down the hill over 11 obstacles. The 5.4 mile course with 14 obstacles adds quite a bit of uphill running, just in case you're feeling especially tough. 

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