Silo City Reading Series: Mathias Svalina, Aidan Ryan, Cages, Mary Helena Clark
Saturday 3rd Jun, 2017

Silo City
120 Childs Street, Buffalo, NY 14203
Time: 7:00pm
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Mathias Svalina is best known for his Dream Delivery Service. Subscribers to his service sign up for one month, Svalina wakes up, types his dreams, and then delivers them. Thus far he has delivered poems in Denver, Tucson, Marfa, Austin, Richmond, and Chicago. Along with fellow Silo City alum, Zachary Schomburg, he edits Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books.

Buffalo native Aidan Ryan recently published his first collection Organizing Isolation: Half-Lives of Love at Long Distance (Linoleum Press) and is also the co-editor of Foundlings Poetry Magazine.

Cages is a Buffalo-based duo performing together for 12 years. Cages’s sound is notable for their juxtaposition of cold, electronic sounds, with warm, acoustic instrumentation.

Mary Helena Clark is a film-maker. Co-presented by Squeaky Wheel, Clark will be journeying to Buffalo to present her hypnotic, uncanny 20 minute film Delphi Falls, which recently had its premiere at the 2017 Whitney Biennial, and which Clark worked on during her Workspace residency at Squeaky Wheel in 2016. 

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