Sentimental Spring
Saturday 28th Apr, 2018

300 Kensington Ave Buffalo, NY 14214
Time: Doors 7:00pm l Show 7:30pm
Cost: $5
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C.C.A invites all those who are inspired by music, vocalists, art, and poetry to our showcase event “Sentimental Spring.” Art is defined as a skill acquired by experience, study, or observation according to Merriam Webster; the purpose of this event is to allow a platform where artists can be entertained, and be enlightened through music and poetry. We all know that words carry a significant amount of influence in our minds, whether it’s in lyrics of songs, or through spoken word, our words create messages that our intellect, and emotions can gravitate to.  

This Showcase will not only include music, inspiring vocalists, art, and poets, but it will also provide a safe, comfortable, informative, and exciting experience.

For any inquiries regarding attending, or donating for this event please contact the number below. The entrance fee for “Sentimental Spring” is $5. All proceeds will benefit Beds4Buffalo.

Come out and be inspired through the arts!!

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