Movies In The Vineyard--The Secret of Santa Vittoria
Friday 20th Apr, 2018

Victorianbourg Wine Estate
4402 East Lake Road Wilson, NY 14172
Time: Pre-Party 7:30pm - Movie 8:00pm
Cost: Free movie l $5 Pre-Party
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The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969), a charming comedic tale set in the renowned winemaking town of Santa Vittoria, Italy towards the end of World War II. In the euphoria following the fall of Mussolini’s Fascist government, Santa Vittoria’s foolish town drunk Italo Bombolini, superbly played by Anthony Quinn, is elected the mayor of the town. Not long after his election Bombolini is informed that the German army plans to occupy Santa Vittoria and take the town’s supply of wine, which is the only way the residents of the town can make a living. Will the townspeople manage to evade the Germans and protect their precious wine? A heartwarming movie, Bombolini transforms from a drunken fool into the hero of the moment.

More About the Film:
The Secret of Santa Vittoria won a Golden Globe for best picture in 1970 and was nominated for 2 Oscars. It was based on Robert Crighton’s best-selling book (18 weeks atop the New York Times best seller list), and was produced and directed by Stanley Kramer, who won 16 Oscars for classic message films such as Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Judgement at Nurnberg, and many more. Join us and enjoy The Secret of Santa Vittoria’s rewarding message of hope and redemption.

Pre-Screening Party:
The movie is free, but for even more fun and excitement come to our pre-screening party. Germany meets Italy in this unique food and wine pairing. Experience the flavors of Italy through a selection of tasty treats paired with a selection of wines that are made from grape varieties that can be found growing in Germany. Unlike the conflict between the German army and the Italians of Santa Vittoria, these pairings bring together the flavors of both countries to create a uniquely delicious tasting experience. Tickets to attend the pre-screening party are $5.

About Movies In the Vineyard Series:
Our Movies in the Vineyard series is a must see! For all of our customers who love wine just as much as we do we have created a movie series where each film showcases breathtaking vineyards, wineries, and of course wine! Relax and unwind as you escape into the on-screen world of wine and winemaking. Glasses and bottles of wine will be available for purchase so you can sip along with the characters in each film. Furthermore, the series covers a wide variety of genres ranging from horror to romance to comedy, so there is something for everyone. The best part is the screenings are free and all are welcome to attend! As a kick off to each film we will be hosting a pre-screening party where snacks and wine will be available. We hope you can make it!

**NB: April's screening will take place inside the retail store so there will be limited seating. We highly recommend calling and reserving you spot ahead of time to guarantee your spot for The Secret of Santa Vittoria screening by calling the winery at 716-751-6576 or emailing**

Friday, April 20th, 2018
Prescreening Party 7:30-8
Screening begins @ 8
Victorianbourg Wine Estate

* Limited seating available *

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