This year’s NFL season has been surprising to the casual fan in terms of team performance. Let’s rank the teams and some of the reasons behind their success and short comings. We will have future power rankings at the half way and 3/4 point of the season. Disagree with the rankings? Leave us a comment and tell us where you would rank. 


  1. Denver- Peyton Manning is completing 73% of his passes to lead the league; he also leads the league in drops by receivers at 10%, the hands down MVP right now.  The defense, much like his days in Indianapolis, is playing Dr. Watson to Peyton’s Sherlock Holmes. These guys look like they could go 16-0.
  2. Seattle- Looks like a juggernaut after handily disposing of division foe San Francisco, and coming back the next week with no let down against a Jacksonville. Houston gave them a mettle test and Pete Carroll’s squad reacted with force.  No sophomore slump for Wilson at QB, and defense is stout against both run and pass.  
  3. New Orleans- Sean Payton’s effect on the offense is clearly tangible as Brees looks more at home with him calling plays. The defensive improvement is the big surprise.  Rod Ryan has brought a more blitzing/aggressive defense which has kept opponents offenses in check thus far.  
  4. New England- Tom Brady makes up for a lot of average play from the offense.  The receivers aren’t catching the ball consistently, and Steven Ridley would still be benched if Shane Vereen wasn’t on IR.  The defense has been solid, but will miss Wilfork. They may win the division, but a long playoff run doesn’t seem in the cards this year.  A welcome change!
  5. Kansas City- Coming off a 2-14 year in which they had five pro bowl players and got the #1 pick in the draft, new coach Andy Reid has the offense humming along nicely. The defense is playing tough when it needs to, getting after the quarterback consistently.
  6. Miami-Solid defense isn’t sneaking up on anyone anymore. Tannehill looking more comfortable with WR Hartline than FA acquisition Wallace. There were rumors of grumbling already by Wallace in the locker room, although winning has put helped put the brakes on that.  
  7. Cincinnati- Expectations for Andy Dalton in his 3rd year as the starter are extremely high.  Offensive coordinator Jay Gruden needs to use rookie RB Bernard in more packages, as he is more of a playmaker than Green-Ellis.  The defense is solid and should cover up for the occasional mistake by Dalton.  
  8. Chicago- New coach Marc Trestman’s offence is being run very well by impending free agent Jay Cutler. The defense continues to be solid despite aging veterans. The real loss is DT Henry Melton being lost for the season due to a knee injury.   
  9. Dallas- Their coach entered the year on the hot seat, but a couple games against lesser opponents, along with a defense ranked 2nd in the league against the run has quelled that. The offense is going well as Tony Romo has only 3 total turnovers, and Demarco Murray has stayed healthy so far.  
  10. Houston- Preseason pick by this writer to win Super Bowl. Looking very ordinary right now- offense needs to find its groove.  Defense has a minus 12 point differential, they need to step up, and the return of Ed Reed may give them the boost they need.  
  11. San Francisco- After ugly losses they rebound and show Rams who big brother is. They go as the offensive line goes, and when they push the ground game dictates the rest of the game.  Bolden has been a nice addition to offset the loss of WR Crabtree.  
  12. Green Bay- Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s just getting into rhythm for the year, so the bye week may have come at a bad time.  The defense isn’t stopping teams like they can/should.  Maybe the bye week came at a good time. They should be there come playoff time.
  13. Indianapolis- Defense is terrible, but Andrew Luck is great.  Not sure if management got the memo, but Manning is in Denver now so same team formula to win games might be too much right now.  Although, trade for Richardson should support offense to be able to play more ball control.   
  14. Detroit- Huge statement win at home against division rival Chicago. Reggie Bush proving to be catalyst on offense. The Defense has been better than expected, but more is needed from a talented front four to keep them in games.  
  15. Tennessee- The defense has come from nowhere to be a solid group. The offense suffered a loss with Locker’s hip injury, as old friend Ryan Fitzpatrick will step in and be maddeningly inconsistent, although they rank 29th in the league with Locker so Fitz has almost nowhere to go but up.  
  16. Baltimore- Loss to Buffalo knocks them down a notch as Flacco did not look good.  With Rice dinged up, Flacco needs to carry them like last year’s playoff run. The defense has been solid save for opening night against Peyton Manning.  
  17. Arizona- Carson Palmer has been better that previous QB’s, but isn’t the best fit for new coach Bruce Arians offense, and thus has been inconsistent. The defense has playmakers and can keep them in games.  
  18. Carolina- Will the real Cam Newton please stand up? The running game has been a strength, but the back four on defense is dangerously thin, and inexperienced, and susceptible to big plays.  
  19. San Diego- Philip Rivers resurgence has been welcome sight, and has helped get Antonio Gates to play back to form, but the defense is last or near last against both the run and pass.  They are playing teams close which is a testament to new coaching staff.   
  20. Atlanta- Dug themselves a deep hole in losing to Pats to start 1-3. They need Roddy White to get healthy in a hurry on offense. The defense doesn’t seem able to come up with big plays with their best player Witherspoon on IR.
  21. Buffalo- Youth on offense needs to mature and be consistent.  This happens with more reps; should have won against Jets team that committed 20 penalties.  Defense is more attacking, but isn’t getting the job done against the run.  Byrd looks like he’s angling for a mid-season trade, but isn‘t helping his cause by not playing.  
  22. New York Jets- Rex Ryan’s defense has kept them in games and won them a game.  The offense is mind numbingly ordinary.  Yes, they beat the Bills who are ahead of them in the rankings, but committing 20 penalties in a win doesn’t inspire confidence.
  23. Philadelphia- Started out like the new style of toast everyone wanted in week one, since then they have been exposed as having no defensive stoppers.  They still put points on the board, but don’t seem to be able to do it when they need to in order to win games.  
  24. Minnesota- Vikings got well against a hapless Steelers team in London; with Matt Cassel at QB after starting the year 0-3 with Christian Ponder.  Management probably spent the entire flight back to the states mulling making this a permanent change.  
  25. Washington- ‘Skins fans better hope RGIII and both coach Shannahans, Mike and O coordinator Kyle, get on the same page sooner rather than later.  Hopefully the coaching staff is protecting Griffin’s knee and that’s the reason for lack of dynamic plays.  There’s no excuse for the defense to be this porous.    
  26. Oakland- Terrelle Pryor’s concussion kills them.  He was the spark that offense needed to contend.  They were beginning to look like the Washington offense of last year.  The defense is below average, but hasn’t been run over like some thought.  
  27. St. Louis- Looking like they should have stayed put and drafted RGIII, as Bradford isn’t making the talent around him better. Surprised this Defense isn’t better with that much talent and coached by Jeff Fisher.  
  28. Cleveland- Tried throwing in the towel on the season by trading top RB, and sitting former 1st rd QB Weedon. Current regime states they don’t fit new system.  Well maybe instead of admitting you wasted two 1st rd picks; mold your system to what they can do.
  29. Pittsburgh- That offense should be better than it is injuries or not. Hoping rookie RB Bell can provide a spark.  Defense got old quick.  
  30. New York Giants- Tom Coughlin may have the hottest seat on the coaching carousel, as Eli Manning is underwhelming, and David Wilson is a complete nonfactor.  The D can’t get after the passer as they had in the past.  
  31. Tampa Bay- Found a way to lose against Arizona when they were leading by ten heading into fourth quarter. The defense has kept the team in games, but the erratic play of now benched starter Josh Freeman has killed any momentum with his 50% completion percentage.  Doug Martin can’t carry the entire load on his own.  
  32. Jacksonville- Rebuilding with new owner and coach- Gus Bradley, next year they will draft new franchise QB. There’s a lot of work to be done on this roster. Bradley came over from Seattle where he was the defensive coordinator. He will need to produce a small miracle to not have the worst record and first pick in next year’s draft.