When James “Jimbo” Creahan first told me that he planned to begin his own podcast I had my doubts about the seriousness of the idea. Don’t get me wrong. The host of the new hit podcast “Licensed to Talk” has always been an entertainer. It’s a talent he has possessed since a very young age. A style of his own perfect for the show he envisioned months before the show ever came to life. My only fear was that he would do a show or two, realize how hard it can be, and close up shop. Once I heard his game plan and what he was going to put into this idea it was obvious that he was very serious about this project. In fact, he was focused on making it happen. Telling jokes and keeping people on the hook is a natural talent of his, but putting a project like this together was going to take a lot of work. Being hilarious and knowing a story or two couldn’t be the end all. When discussing the the vision of the show Creahan said, “We are always looking and talking to potential guests constantly. It never stops. I mean I get people coming up to me all the time saying, “Talk to my uncle Joey he met Joe DiMaggio.“ That’s not what we look for. We want interesting people that Western New York might not know, and want to archive their story.” He needed interesting people to talk to, and more importantly he needed someone interesting to produce the show. Someone who had the tools and patience to put it all together. A guy he trusted. Mark “Marky” Barrett was the perfect choice. 

Jimbo’s outspoken takes are complimented by Marky’s calm demeanor and musical influence. The guy can literally do it all when it comes to the production business. A pure talent who can play an array of instruments, Mark brings the technical skills needed to put it all together. The two balance each other so well that they can almost finish each other’s sentences. Teamwork at its finest. Both hosts bring that needed “it” factor to the table and their ability to make their guests feel comfortable during the show is a big part of the success. 

Yet, the stories these guests share once they settle in is truly where the magic happens.

From the beginning, both Jimbo and Marky wanted to share the South Buffalo experience with their listeners. Both grew up there and both still live there. The plan from the beginning was simple. Bring in guests from the neighborhood and let them share their experiences. Sounded great, but would people be interested in coming on the show and would people want to listen? 

The answer was yes. 

Each guest clearly brings an interesting perspective to the show allowing the audience to really hear and process their point of view. Throw in the fact that Jimbo and Marky don’t shy away from the tough questions and you have a show with unlimited potential. With topics such as show business, immigration, the Griffin administration, knuckleballs, detective work, and even the circus the show isn’t slowing down. One of the first guests and form Deputy Mayor Ray McGurn put it best when he said, “I was trying to tell my life experiences in a candid way to share with an audience of listeners that have not been around for as long as I have. It feels good to sit down with the boys for some South Buffalo therapy. More people should try it.” I couldn’t agree more. 

You can find their show License to Talk on iTunes and follow them on Twitter with their handle @JCisL2T for updates on upcoming guests.