Joe: I think the Bills will go 5-11 this year. To me, the biggest goal for the team has to be for individual players to play better. Yeah..not exactly rocket science. Last year, Fitzpatrick, Stevie, Williams and Eric Wood played well. All four of them need to keep it up for this year and hopefully, 3-4 other guys will play like the foursome did last year. Maybe it will be Spiller? How about McKelvin? George Wilson? Alex Carrington? Marcell Dareus? Pick a name. Overall, I think the defense will play much better than their pathetic showing from last year.

If Merriman plays the same way he did in 2006 and stays healthy, I think the defense could be in the top 12. However, if he goes down, I think they will be in the low 20's because they still won't have a decent enough pass rush. Offensively, the line is the biggest question mark. Actually, what am I saying? We already know they answer, they are not really good. As for Fitzpatrick, he's the key to the offense. We saw how he looks when he gets time to throw the football, but if he has someone in his face, Fitz tends to be erratic. I think the offense will still be in that low 20's range. Problem is that the schedule is tough for the Bills and they still have a number of question marks. NFC East isn't a pushover division and the AFC East has the Jets and Pats. Not easy. Realistically, the Bills are a year or two away. Again, if you want progress, new individuals need to step-up.

Mike: 6-10 sounds reasonable to me.  I think they play enough weak teams (Bengals, Raiders, Broncos, and maybe the Titans can be lumped into this group) that it'll actually be hard to be as bad as 4-12 again, but since they also play a strong NFC East, it will be hard to do much better than six wins.  Of course, I'm counting on 0-6 in the AFC East.  The defense and O-line will need to take time to gel, so I think the Bills may be set up for another slow start/strong finish type of season.

Matthew Stewart: 8-8. Lots of winnable games out of conference, split with the Dolphins and Split with another AFC East team, and they'll steal one game. They'll be in the playoff hunt into December. Better Defensive Team, will have a much better turnover ratio and the offense has an extra year of experience.

Brian: 7-9. For the season, the team's health is going to be the most important and troubling component.  The top 22 players all seem capable of playing to at least some degree, but Buddy Nix hasn't had enough time to fully develop depth on the roster outside of the front seven (amazing what two offseasons can do).  If key players stay healthy, the Bills will make a nice jump forward.  If not, it may end up being a one step forward, one step back type of season.

Brandon: 5-11. The Bills largely resemble an exact replica of the team they were last year. That said, it's hard to imagine a worse year than 2010 so things should improve ever so slightly this season. I think the addition of Dareus alone improves this unit enough to make the run-D respectable, so tack on an extra win at One Bills Drive. Other than that, expect a long year. What? Did you really think they can do anything good with Wilson here? Good, me neither. Que the "Suck for Luck" campaign!

Mark: I'm still going with 7-9. Reason for this would be an expected improvement on the defense with Dareus, Merriman, & Barnett making a difference, along with having Wannstedt's input. Offense has questions, but I think Fitz will have solid year after having all reps in training camp and knowing he's  "the guy".

Shelby: 6-10. A part of me believes that someone important to the first string of offense is going to get hurt within the first few weeks. From what I saw out of training camp, a lot of guys who could get the nod to fill in a spot aren't that great. Everytime Fitz threw the ball it just seemed to connect with a bunch of guys. The first line IS the offense. I don't think that the Bills can win many of their games on defense alone. That's what it looked like they tried to do the first week of preseason and for most of the last game in the preseason. I just don't think they have enough pieces to win a lot of games this season.

Rob: I think we can pull off a 6-10 or 7-9 record this season, as the team starts to gel together and get a feel for the scheme. I still think we finish ahead of the 'Fins though ;)