It’s a bit of a surprise that the Chiefs come into the Ralph as road favorites. The way things have been going in Kansas City over the past few days, I have to make them the underdogs. If losing at home in game 7 of The Fall Classic wasn’t bad enough, Kansas City found out this week that they will only host seven games in Arrowhead Stadium next season. The Chiefs will face the Lions in Wembley Stadium next year as part of the NFL’s annual games in London. The Chiefs will be the home team for the matchup making Kansas City fans understandably upset. The region surrounding Arrowhead is responsible for 250 million dollars of the recent renovations to the stadium, yet the league announces they are only getting seven home games next year? A week after they lose game seven? The entire country witnessed the passion of their fan-base during that magical run last month which makes it even harder for the league to justify taking that precious game away from a team that thrives off of Home Field Advantage. I want to destroy the Chiefs on Sunday, but today I support the faithful and dedicated fans of Kansas City who always seem to show up for their teams through the good times and bad. It’s a joke that a franchise like that is sent over the pond. I really don’t see any benefit to doing it; unless of course the Chiefs are trying for a Super Bowl, and then it might make sense.

Whenever I think of the Chiefs I always remember how good they have been in that Stadium. Yes, the Bills have had some recent success out there, but when we were good we never won on their turf. I still have nightmares of Christian Okoye running wild all over the Bills on Monday Night Football back in 91. The Bills were rolling at 5-0 just a season after losing their first Super Bowl. They headed to Arrowhead for their first of three primetime appearances looking to stay undefeated. I can still remember thinking that the Bills could totally run the table that year if they could win in that sea of red. That year, and that game, I learned a harsh reality in sports. Because the Bills had made it to the Super Bowl, teams were gunning for them. So basically, now that you’re good you have to play even better on the road. Jimbo and the high-powered Bills offense had 5 fumbles and gave up six sacks that night. The Chiefs ran the ball down our throat and destroyed the Bills 33-6. It was one of the only games during those four glorious years that the Bills didn’t score a touchdown. Still, the easiest thing to remember was how loud those fans were each time the Bills offense took the field. The stadium was rocking as they chanted their famous chop. The Bills had no shot, and I quickly learned that teams were always going to give us their best shot in their house no matter how good they were and we needed to do the same. Of course the Bills were able to secure that all important Home Field Advantage during that ‘91-‘92 season.

Fitting that the Bills would get another shot at those Chiefs, only this time it would be at Rich Stadium. The Bills demolished the Chiefs 37-14 and forced 4 Mark Vlasic interceptions. Most of what I remember from that game is that everyone in the stadium immediately stood up every time the Chiefs had the ball. The place was so loud that it had to be almost impossible to hear anything on the field. Remember, that was the first playoff game since 51-3. The Chiefs much like the Bills earlier in the season had no idea what they were walking in to; turned out to be that same Home Field Advantage mixed in with a big dose of intimidation. It was crucial back then. It is necessary once again on Sunday.

This is the second year in a row the Chiefs travel to the Ralph on the first weekend in November. Both teams have their own reasons to be bitter right now. More importantly, both teams have a lot to prove in this huge AFC matchup. The Bills have had a long time to prepare for Jamaal Charles and Alex Smith. Two week to get healthy and an opportunity to get in the classroom might be the key to this ballgame. Last year when the Chiefs arrived in week nine the Bills were banged up and needed to start Jeff Tuel after Thad Lewis was hurt in New Orleans. He probably would have played had he not caught the flu later that week. Tuel was forced to start and his inexperience lead to Sean Smith’s unforgettable interception in his own end zone which he turned into a Chiefs 100 yard touchdown. I can still remember thinking to myself that the game and season ended on that play.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs the Bills are a much better team this year. Both teams desperately need to begin the second half of the season on a positive note. After just a 2-2 start at home thus far, the Bills need to step it up at home in a big way starting with Kansas City. It won’t get any easier for either team down the stretch and winning conference games is extremely important. The Bills need this game badly considering they will have a short week of preparation for their primetime showdown in Miami on Thursday. The Bills must be 6-3 entering that game if they plan to battle for a playoff position. The Chiefs come to town just in time for everyone in WNY and around the league to see who these Bills really are. Coach Marrone will have his hands full battling a class act like Andy Reid. Mario Williams and the rest of the front seven will be busy with Charles and the Chiefs physical offensive line.

It is going to be a chess match on a cold November day that Bills fans have been waiting for. If this team can find a way to win it will be a major step in the right direction. Winning at home is something that needs to be normal around here if the Bills are to be considered serious playoff contenders. Home Field Advantage needs to mean as much to us as it does to teams like the Chiefs. If the Bills can win Sunday and make some big plays in front of that sold-out stadium the other teams that still need to come here will notice. If other teams are talking about you the intimidation starts, and once the intimidation kicks in that Home Field Advantage becomes legit. Once you’re legit you have a chance to play in January. The second half of the season is here Bills fans and right now we have a chance. If you are headed out to the Ralph on Sunday make sure you let Alex Smith and the offense know exactly where they are on every play. After all, Home Field Advantage starts with us.