As Deflate-gate unfolded and the league convinced its fans that the Patriots had fooled us once again, a seed was planted. As the world humiliated and mocked them for their evil and sneaky approach to the game, the champs got to work. As the press delivered constant updates to the universe about court dates and probable suspensions, the seed sprouted. Smart people knew Brady wasn’t sitting out but the commissioner forged on. Going after the League’s Golden Boy was a risk for so many reasons. Critics of Goodell and his basic obsession with the suspension should start to raise questions about why he really continued.

I find it very hard to believe that Kraft and Goodell are no longer friends. In fact, I think the two are more than likely still very close. Think back to what was going on in the league last year as the Patriot’s got rolling into the playoffs. Goodell was basically hiding as the press and fans demanded answers for the domestic violence issues that surfaced across the league. The commissioner was no where to be found for most of the season. We would be foolish to think that Kraft didn’t recognize this. Of all of the owners, he has the most to lose if Goodell is out. Both of these men have demonstrated the ability to see the “bigger” picture in regards to growing the brand. So Goodell goes after the Patriots and tries to smear Tom Brady’s reputation? Kraft was well aware of the fact that Brady’s reputation would never be tarnished and so was Goodell. Players don’t win four World Championships and get remembered for deflated footballs. Don’t believe me? We, it happened less than a year ago and nobody is talking about it anymore. Looks like Kraft was probably right. I could be wrong about this of course, but guys who know things such as Kraft and Goodell don’t end their relationship over something like this. There is way too much money to be made.

Goodell was a winner no matter what happened to Brady. As an attorney himself, he had to know the case was going nowhere. So instead of quitting, he let the world believe he was never giving up. Goodell was building more interest in something other than his poor handling of almost everything he did that season. He turned everyone but Patriots fans against them and for good reason. Cash. Enter Mr. Kraft. Yes, his team was dragged through the mud for an entire offseason. Clearly, it provided the motivation the organization needed to chase after a repeat. Now, they even have possible redemption at an undefeated season. Kraft knew most of the league already hated his team, so why not allow his friend a chance at gaining some respect by going after a player he was never going to suspend anyway. These gentlemen are very smart. I can not say for sure that they planned it out to develop like it has, but it certainly appears that way. The team is rolling. When they are on TV people are watching. The players don’t seem bothered. Both Gronk and Brady have big-time sneaker commercials that we will watch ten times tonight. Goodell wins even when he loses.

The league has moved on from deflated footballs simply because it didn’t really matter. This entire witch hunt was a joke. It served as fuel to the team that people hate because they just do things better. It served as fuel for an owner to show his players that as long as you do well on the field, he will do his best to take care of you off of it. Most of all, it fueled the belief that Goodell was going after the Patriots and Brady, but all he really did was make them better and, of course, wealthier. This is my opinion of course. I have no proof to back up some type of conspiracy going on. However, I think it would be crazy to think that everyone who was involved with this entire scandal hasn’t benefited from it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I would love to see that undefeated part go away tonight. It’s not just me, is it?