It’s that time again, time to rank the NFL teams from top to bottom.  Why quarterly? Because weekly puts too much focus on this week and teams true status doesn’t play out if a key player is hurt for a couple weeks.  The trending icon gives credence to external factors like injuries or suspensions and generally means we expect that if a team is trending up that at the mid-season review they should be higher in the rankings.  Without further ado, your NFL Power Rankings:
  1. Seattle 2-1. I think the loss to San Diego was exactly what Pete Carroll needed to keep his message fresh for his team. The Defense hasn’t missed a step and Beast mode has been on display in the early year. Let’s see if the early bye week impacts them later in the season.  Trending: +
  2. Cincinnati 3-0.  Another early bye week team, but this comes at the perfect time for ailing WR AJ Green and his toe. Andy Dalton gets the headlines for his inconsistent play and big contract but the defense is quietly one of the top units in the league.  Trending: +
  3. Denver 2-1. The defense couldn’t handle Seattle in the opener/rematch of Super Bowl but it is good enough to get them a first round bye.  Having Peyton Manning around doesn’t hurt either. Trending: =
  4. Arizona 3-0. With Carson Palmer among the injured, (Ellington, Dockett), this team was left for dead. All it has done is prove that that Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald are one of the top WR tandems in the league even with Drew Stanton under center. Trending: -
  5. San Diego 3-1. Took down Seattle with a ball control offense and then knocked the Bills off with two deep passes to Malcolm Floyd. The defense gets no respect but with injuries mounting in the backfield they might need to hold on until the late bye week.  Trending: -
  6. Baltimore 3-1.  With the revenge game over for Steve Smith (Sr.) does he now go back to being a 35 year old WR? Joe Flacco can look good at times and other times he’s hard to watch. The loss of TE Dennis Pitta for the year hurts literally and figuratively.  Trending: +
  7. Philadelphia 3-1.  Lesean McCoy sighting anywhere, no?  No worries Darren Sproles makes up for his being a non-factor and then some. Strange to hear a player complain about how the coach runs the show especially after a playoff appearance last year and starting 3-0 this year.  Trending: -
  8. Detroit 3-1.  These guys are not in mid-season form by any stretch on either side of the ball. Stafford has been inconsistent but the defense is ranked #1 in the league. Time will even these things out. The concussion to Joique Bell hurts their ability to run the ball in traditional style.  Trending: +
  9. San Francisco 2-2.  A big win to right the ship against the Eagles helps shape their fortunes.  Frank Gore should continue to carry the load while the defense gets healthy/off suspension. Trending: -
  10. Houston 3-1.  Fitzpatrick has led them this far, although to be fair Arian Foster leads the league in rushing attempts and he missed a game so yeah they know exactly who Fitz is. They also know exactly who JJ Watt is on defense.  Trending: -
  11. Dallas 3-1.  Who saw this coming?  They dismantled the Saints at home and Jason Garrett seems to have learned how to win with a bad defense; by keeping them off the field for as long as possible!  Demarco Murray has remained healthy and been the workhorse but his fumbling is concerning.  Trending: +
  12. Indianapolis 2-2.  They are lucky they play in the division they do; after two tough games to begin the season Andrew Luck is settling in nicely. The defense is a concern but when your offense averages more than 30 a game you have some wiggle room.  Trending: +
  13. Kansas City 2-2.  Jamaal Charles showed the league how important he is against the Pats. Alex Smith continues to be under the radar and the defense has been without Derrick Johnson and Eric Berry but didn’t need them against Miami and New England.  Trending: +
  14. Green Bay 2-2.  Rodgers reminds fans he is pretty good after a couple so-so starts. The defense just needs to keep it close for him.  Eddie Lacy could use a 100 yard game to get his confidence up.  Trending: +
  15. Pittsburgh 2-2.  Big Ben couldn’t save a leaky D against Tampa but he’s done as much as he can this year.  The injuries to the linebackers cripple them and their scheme and will need some luck to survive until they get healthy. Trending:-
  16. Chicago 2-2. Tough to figure this team. They lose to the Bills, then beat the 49ers and Jets on the road and get trounced at home by a division rival. Why isn’t Matt Forte more involved with the offense? 1st round pick Kyle Fuller has 3 picks already and looks like he belongs in the league. Trending: -
  17. Carolina 2-2. Defensive shortcomings are beginning to be exposed as they have been air raided out of the last two games.  They also are stockpiling injuries in the offensive backfield leaving Cam Newton to fend for himself. Trending:-
  18. New England 2-2.  Man that offense got hard to watch in a hurry. Gronk will be back to full strength by mid-season but the line is a mess. The defense kept them in the first three games but the Chiefs and Andy Reid showed if you give them some new looks they can be beaten, and badly.  Trending: -
  19. Minnesota 2-2.  They have the league’s most underrated D. With the Teddy Bridgewater era underway and already derailed to an ankle sprain they haven’t missed AP as much as some thought.  Trending: +
  20. Atlanta 2-2.  After embarrassing the Bucs they throw a stinker in Minnesota. Matt Ryan is more and more a dome quarterback, and especially a home dome QB. The defense was exposed as unable to stop the run or pass as they rank in the bottom 5 in each category.  Trending: -
  21. New Orleans 1-3.  What happened to Rob Ryan’s defense?  The offense hasn’t picked them up in a game yet either so this team has some work to do if they want to sniff the post season. The good news is that no one is running away with the division.  Trending: =
  22. NY Giants 2-2.  If only Eli could convince people he got all his lousy picks out of the way early they found a diamond in the rough in TE Donnell. The defense is better than people thought and is improving each week.  Trending: +
  23. Buffalo 2-2. The defense has kept them in every game this year but EJ Manuel’s lack of consistency is costing them games, thus enters Kyle Orton.  Management wasn’t kidding when they said “all in” this season.  Hopefully EJ can work out his accuracy issues to make a run at starting again next season. Trending: =
  24. Miami 2-2.  How does Joe Philbin still have a job?  They seriously thought about benching Tannehill and let the media know it? Hope they got some good sightseeing in over in London and have their bye week to recover from the jet lag.  Seriously NFL, don’t put a franchise overseas.  Trending: =
  25. Cleveland 1-2. Johnny who?  Brian Hoyer has led the team to a victory over the Saints and near misses versus division rivals Steelers and Ravens. It’s the defense that has given up yards in bulk and with Mike Pettine as your coach you know that won’t continue.  Trending: +
  26. NY Jets 1-3. Geno Smith is probably one more bad game from being sat down. Looking closer on the offensive side of the ball Chris Ivory is the most dangerous weapon they have, which isn’t saying much other than Chris Johnson isn’t very good.  Trending: -
  27. Washington 1-3. So the league has caught up to Kirk Cousins. That should mean that Alfred Morris sees a spike in attempts right? Well Seattle and their tough D comes to town to kick them when they are down in week 5.  Trending: -
  28. St. Louis 1-2.  Injuries have derailed their season early. Zac Stacy should see plenty of rushing attempts but then again he will likely see plenty of 8 men in the box to stop him. The defense lost Chris Long but still has talent to keep games close.  Trending: -
  29. Tampa 1-3. So can we all agree that signing Josh McCown was a bad idea? Mike Glennon should have started the year and they should have rode him from the start. The defense has lost some man games to injury but has enough talent to not be -47 in point differential.  Trending: -
  30. Tennessee 1-3. Ken Wisenhunt has to be disgusted with this team. They can’t run the ball and are nowhere with the QB situation as Jake Locker missed a game (go figure) to allow Charlie Whitehurst to get devoured by the Colts.  Trending: -
  31. Oakland 0-4. There are rumors the coach got fired after the drubbing in London, which turned out to be true two days later.  My question is what did management think this year was going to be?  Good news is that Derek Carr has looked like he can make steps to improve each week to be a franchise QB.  Trending: +
  32. Jacksonville 0-4. I hope Blake Bortles has life insurance because that line might get him hurt sooner rather than later. Let’s hope he doesn’t fall into the David Carr mindset from starting too early. I expected more from the defense to keep games watchable/competitive.  Trending:  -