A certain type of musical ambiance is required for these foggy, rain-soaked days of spring. Lord Huron’s newest album, Strange Trails, is the perfect choice for said ambiance. With a slightly darker tone than their first album “Lonesome Dreams”, Strange Trails takes the listener on a haunting journey exploring life, love and longing. The joie de vivre folk sound Lord Huron is so well known for is still prevalent throughout the album, as well as their catchy retro sound which is so perfectly captured in the Pulp magazine-inspired cover art released with each single. It’s perhaps this artwork which reminds me so much of the first time I saw the movie Pulp Fiction; with the ripping guitar intros and kitschy, toe-tapping tunes which introduced me to a whole new genre of music.

After listening to this album pretty much non-stop for the past day or two, favorite tracks include “Fool for Love” and “World Ender”. Give the album a listen and if this is your first introduction to Lord Huron I cannot recommend listening to “Lonesome Dreams” as well, since this was pretty much my go-to soundtrack last fall. Naturally the album is available on vinyl, but Amazon is running a special where you can get both albums for only $30!

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