Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson is quite the modern day renaissance man. He tweets more any other Bills player, endorses krudmart & Deuce brand sport watches and on certain occasions, lays down a rhyme or two. 

Just yesterday, after putting a whippin' on the Oakland Raiders, Stevie & hip-hop pal G5-Gi released their brand new Why So Serious Mixtape. Stevie, who goes by the moniker SJ13, raps "call me stone cold Steven" and that he's "inked up like sharpies" proving once again that he is easily the coolest Buffalo Bill ever. 

The 13 track mixtape can be downloaded for free right here and you can listen to the first track below. Also, G5-Gi will be tearing up the tiny stage of Broadway Joe's this Friday(23rd). Who knows, but maybe #13 will be making an appearance. 

SJ13 (Stevie Johnson) & G5Gi - Inked Up (Prod. by Prafit Beats) by buffablog2