It’s hard to say how high the ceiling may be for Buffalo’s new young talent Angelo Marinelli. Aside from recently being featured in the Buffalo News, He is about to release his first album under the name I.AM.ANGELO entitled Easy Love.

The music is a crossover between Pop and Electronica, but Angelo is undoubtedly a songwriter. We took a moment to chat and discuss a little of his background, and preview the CD release party tonight at Mohawk Place.

JW: What was the first instrument you played and what do you play now?

AM: At the age of two, I picked up the drums but honestly as I got older didn’t want to be behind a kit. I would have rather been behind a piano. So that’s just what I did.

JW: What drives you to perform live music? And what is your stage performance like?

AM: As a musician, always working on new music is what drives me. Over the last year doing this I can say I for sure achieved my goals and then some. So you can say that drives me as well. The one reason why I do it though is just simply enough that I don’t know what else I would be doing. For example, people ask me about music. People don’t ask me about being enrolled as a college kid, or girlfriends. Parents as well. This always stuck out to me. As far as live shows go, I always like to go over the top. At my live shows there is always something different to expect. Either its a live drummer or something I think of the day before. If you listen live and listen album wise. There really similar in sound but the live shows give more of a reason.

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Good Old Days (Produced by Eskapade) by iamangelomusic