Those of you who have never HEARD OF Kid Koala have most likely HEARD him before. In 2000, his Ninja Tune debut album “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” received praise by the music press worldwide. He has toured as a member of Deltron 3030 and he has opened for both the Beasties Boys and Radiohead. Still don’t think you’ve heard him... Well, he was also one of the ‘real’ people behind the first Gorillaz album, scratching on most of the tracks. Ok, I see the light bulbs flickering on.

To really get a taste for Kid Koala’s amazing creativity, definitely check out “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”… I put it right up there with DJ Shadow’s “Endtroducing” when it comes to the music that totally blindsided me and changed my whole perspective back when I was a high school kid who “only listened to metal”.

So, Kid Koala’s latest project is a group called The Slew, which is a collaboration with Dynomite D. Joing them for the live tour is Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, the former rhythm section of Wolfmother. Their debut album "100%" is a lot different than Koala’s earlier stuff, which could be described as “whimsical”… The Slew sound, however, is more aggressive, with prominent psychedelic, heavy blues rock samples, very heavy beats, and, of course, plenty of turntable gymnastics. Perhaps not as diverse or intellectually stimulating as Koala’s other projects, but that’s clearly not the point here... this is a party starter all the way.

You'll find plenty of that trademark Kid Koala humor and the “where the hell did he find that” sampling that we’ve come to expect. One of my favorites is “It’s All Over”, which samples Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Kingdom Come” and some old blues sounding vocals I have not been able to put my Google finger on, creating a humanistic battle cry that gives me a tingly feeling every time I listen.

“Back in the beginning / When the ape became a man / ’Round about the time when no one thought of ownin’ land / Livin’ wasn’t easy, but at least a man was free / Free to live his life the way he thought his life should be / Now the people don’t have the power to change things anymore / Now the people don’t have the power to change things anymore”

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, The Slew won’t be playing anywhere in the area soon. So, you may be wondering why I am seemingly teasing you with this awesomeness. Well, because Kid Koala and the rest of the gang are giving away the album for free… that’s why. Do yourself a favor and download it before they change their minds!!!

Click here to download the full album for free!