Forget drama, for there is none here. If you are simply into watching visuals effects and action sequences that can render you speechless, this is your movie. This is the greatest strength of this movie and also its greatest disappointment.They did not spare resources on the production of this feature. There 522 people on the Visual Effects team. Yes 522. They all deserve applause, and if it were not for all the media attention around upcoming 2009 Avatar, they could have taken the Oscar next year. The casting was exceptional though the team was led by Scott David, I think this is his biggest gig to date. The team behing the scene is full of the globe’s cinematographic trend setters. But Roland Emmerich, though an exceptional director, should have relinquished the reins as a writer, or at least pair with someone other than TV Veteran Harald Kloser (2004 AVP:Alien vs Predator, 1995 the OJ Simpson Story).

Roland Emmerich is a directing genius and brought us "ID4" 1996, "Godzilla" 1998. Yet so that we all understand that I am not just bashing on his writing skills. The last time he directed without writing a major motion picture, he delivered "The Patriot". What great piece of art that was. My point is the dramatic success of this movie could have been so greater had the producers contemplating rewriting some of the story. To their credits they did not spare on casting.

They cast mega stars from around the globe to ensure global adoption of the feature. Quiet force Henry O plays Lama Rinpoche teaching life lessons, Elizabeth Richards known as the international Queen Elizabeth II look alike is here as well, Chiwetel Ejiofor (2009 Endgame, 2007 American Gangster, 1997 Amistad) stole the show as Adam Helmsley, and a quiet presence from legendary Chinese actors Lisa Lu and (of course) Chang Tseng (1957 Ming Feng,1977 Qu Yuan,2000 Romeo Must Die). It is true beauty is not everything, but with the right training and the proper features one can easily fall for british actress Thandie Newton. Someone please give her a lead role in a drama and watch her take over. Make it a very painful which puts the actress through a whirwind of joy and happiness, and watch her take over. If anyone is listening… call her agent. Danny Glover plays an American President and a father worthy of the great cinematographic presidents of the past. Woody Harrelson is on a roll this year as he is also performing in Zombieland, the Messenger, Defender, and BUnraku. The rest of the cast includes other greats such as John Cusack, Amanda Peet, George Segal, and upcoming greats Liam James, Morgan Lily.