Winter has finally arrived in WNY. Just in case the past few mild, snow-free months have made you a bit complacent about outerwear, here are some ways to dress for the deepening chill.

Columbia Gold Down Ex ($250)
Not gonna cut it. It’s just not warm enough. Save this jacket for fall hikes at Chestnut Ridge or a stroll at one of Buffalo's many farmers market or a shopping trip through Elmwood Village. This waterproof down is a good raincoat but it’s not a winter jacket. It’s perfect for the recent drizzly days, but is not insulated enough for the cold fronts that are sweeping through the region. Full review.

Black Diamond Stance Belay Parka ($300)
Warm as all get out! I get cold easily, so this is a premier choice. I felt toasty within minutes of putting this on. You can wear this over a T-shirt—long underwear is not required. It’s also roomy, a bonus in my opinion. You can consume beer and chicken wings all winter and this jacket will still fit. For days huddled outside at the Ralph, the Stance Belay won’t do you wrong. This is the warmest coat in the round-up, and my personal choice for bicycle rides to the Outer Harbor on 33 degree days with howling winds and perfect for those god-awful shoveling days.

Arc’teryx Beta SV ($649)  
Heading to Ellicottville to ride Holiday Valley, Kissing Bridge, or Holimont? The multi-colored sleeves, chest and zippers will certainly draw attention from onlookers when you're on the lift. This jacket will show off the spare frame that you have worked so hard to achieve. Or perhaps you're still working on that New Year's slim down resolution. Fear not, the vertical lines provide an aesthetically pleasing and slimming line for any body type. This piece was the best-looking of the three, and has fleece-lined pockets for those nights at the bar when it’s frigid and you’ve forgotten your gloves. The chest pockets are great for stowing tissues and your phone, while the side pockets at the waist are useful for stashing doggie pick-up bags while stomping around your neighborhood. This coat has both on- and off-mountain appeal.