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Summer is the perfect season to have some fun with your decor and while you are at it, why not add some bright colors too, like hot pink in the form of flamingos. These long-legged birds are popping up all over in home decor recently including on sheet sets and tableware. But the flamingo fun doesn't stop there. You can also adorn your walls with flamingo art, and your law with a statue or 10 of course. For indoors, try out flamingo printed fabrics, pillows, and wall and jewelry organizers. The pieces are bright, colorful and not just for outside.  If you are the fashion-forward type, the feathered friends have been spotted on skirts, pajamas, and shoes too.

Find a favorite item of your own at the sources listed below.

Framed Wall Art | Seedpod Birds | Black Fabric | Wall Organizer | Jewelry Holder | Pillow | Tableware | Tablecloth | Lawn Statues


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