The weather outside is frightful, and as many homeowners have experienced, frozen pipes are not delightful. With an extended stretch of cold weather upon us and below zero temps in the forecast, it’s time to take some preventive measures to keep pipes from freezing and homes from flooding.

Frozen pipes that burst can cause significant damage. In fact, according to the Insurance Industry Institute, water damage and freezing is the second most common home insurance claim filed, with the average claim totaling nearly $9,000!

“I’ve seen firsthand many homes where pipes have frozen and burst, and when the pipes thaw it can also lead to flood damage,” said Ed Bedient, owner of Clear Choice Cleaning Services in West Seneca.

Here are some tips to help prevent your pipes from freezing:

• Even if you’re away from home, keep your thermostat set at 60 degrees or higher.

• Open sink cabinets to expose pipes to the warmer air that’s circulating throughout the house.

• Purchase and install pipe insulation wraps around pipes closest to exterior walls.

• In extremely cold conditions, leave faucets open to allow a steady drip or trickle of water. While you will be wasting a little water for a short period of time, the constant flow will help prevent freezing.

• Invest in leak control technology that quickly alerts homeowners to any household leaks at the onset of a problem. Today’s technology can connect to your cell phone so you will receive automatic alerts if a leak is detected.

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