Summer is in full swing here in Buffalo and that means it's time for some fun in the sun. One of the big trends this summer is the reemergence of the blue lensed sunglasses. Companies are coming up with more vibrant mirrored lenses and pairing them most handsomely with tortoise shell or gold frames. Naturally, black is an option as well, but I find these lenses pop best with the brown frame, so I selected some of the best new sunglasses for summer at varying price points. Pick your favorite and you'll be looking Dandy in no time.


Ray Ban Club Master
These have been here featured in the past and we're featuring them again because they are awesome. My wife doesn't believe me so I'm going to need a bunch of you to buy these so she can see them around and be like "You know what, those are awesome. Yes, buy those." $170

Warby Parker Ormsby
I'm sure you've noticed these on a Facebook ad or two (I know I have) but these great looking and affordable shades also help a great cause. For every pair purchased, Warby Parker distributes a pair to someone in need through one of their non-profit partners. So basically you're doing good while looking good. $95

Oliver Peoples Sir Finley
It should be a well known fact by now that we're big fans of American Psycho here at Buffalo Dandy. Channel your inner Patrick Bateman with these Oliver Peoples glasses and you're sure to get that dinner reservation at Dorsia. Even though nobody goes there anymore... $510

Illevesta Leonard
After thinking about it, these Illevesta shades might be a new contender for the favorites. With a more rounded shaped lens and awesome bright blue coloring, the matte finish of the tortoise shell provides a great contrast against the mirrored lenses. $175

Persol Steve McQueen
Another iconic brand who just so happens to be partnered with one of the most iconic men in history is Persol with their Steve McQueen shades. These definitely have a more retro feel, but that just means you're allowed to leave one more button undone on your shirt while wearing these because you are a man, and these glasses are a testament to your manhood. $380


Mykita x Bernard Willhelm Erwin
Lastly, an update to the classic aviator style, this limited edition collaboration between Mykita and Bernard Willhelm will help elevate your hypebeast status to impress the few who actually know why these glasses are cool. $495