It’s been feeling pretty brisk outside these past few mornings, which I’m sort of loving because it means I can finally start justifying buying some clothes for Fall. The overall color scheme that I’ve been seeing a lot of is navy and rich browns, so I”ve comprised a couple of my favorite pieces that I hope to add to my closet this season.

Hugo Boss ‘Marick’ Sport Coat – You can buy the coat online, but it’s also available at Napoli’s Per La Moda in Williamsville. I highly recommend checking this coat out in person because it’s absolutely spectacular. So much in fact that the price is almost justified to me. $445

J.Crew Cotton Cashmere Shawl Collar Sweater – Few things evoke Fall better in my mind that the shawl collar sweater. The perfect companion to late night fires or sipping your morning coffee out of an enamel mug. $78

Emerson James Inc Custom Axes - If you’re going to be sitting by the fire, you’ll need something to chop all that wood up with. Luckily local favorite Bureau has just started selling these custom made axes by Emerson James Inc. $TBA

UNIQLO Selvedge Denim - Once Fall arrives you’ll need some heavier duty denim. Purists prefer selvedge denim but that usually is accompanied with a larger price tags and an extended breaking in period. Prices have been lowering, thankfully, but we haven’t seen anyone come close to matching UNIQLO’s pricing for their pre-broken-in selvedge denim for an incredible fifty bucks. $50


Twillory Gingham Shirt – Founded in 1892, Twillory knows a thing or two about shirt making. With a tailored cut, cutaway collar and Egyptian/Sea Island cotton which grants an exquisite hand-feel, this may become one of your new favorite shirts. $80

Kiel James Patrick ‘Daniel Boone’ Bracelet – KJP has a bunch of stellar new bracelets coming out, but I keep coming back to this one called “Daniel Boone”. The mixture of the cotton and leather roping along with the perfect color combo makes this a favorite for Fall. $58

Vineyard Vines Fish Hook Belt – Just in case you need to catch some dinner to cook over that roaring fire you’ve been working on, this simple fish hook belt from Vineyard Vines is the perfect thing to keep your pants up in the off chance you’re suffering from anchor overload. $98

Jack Purcell x Horween Chromexcel Leather Shoes – These are going to be pretty tough to locate, especial since they are currently only available for preorder in Japan and most sizes are already sold out. That shouldn’t stop you though because these Jack Purcell Chromexcel kicks are straight FIRE. $155

OMEGA Brown Speedmaster Moonwatch Pro – Another item that sold out rather quickly was this limited edition OMEGA Moonwatch with the brown dial and leather strap. Don’t worry, you can still purchase the brown dial with a metal band, but I’m always a sucker for leather and if you look around the inter webs you can still find a few for sale. $4,000

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