#SiliconCitiesUSA on freeenterprise.com is exploring how entrepreneurs and businesses are faring in non-major U.S. cities. It’s reporting on the ground from each city, talking with elected officials and business leaders about how they’re harnessing their unique resources and local talent to fuel economic growth and better compete against more established urban centers.”

The article describes Buffalo as having “faced its share of ups and downs over the past half-century.”  But it goes on to state that: “Buffalo has managed to stoke such impressive economic growth over the past few years is particularly impressive, given how incongruously it was affected by the recent recession. Yet the city and its metropolitan area have roared back, with employers steadily adding jobs: According to the New York State Department of Labor, since peaking at 9.7% in January 2010, the Buffalo metropolitan area’s unemploymentrate has fallen to 5.3%—lower than the state’s 5.7% overall unemployment rate. 

What’s behind this economic and civic comeback? The series intends to dive headfirst into Buffalo and all its people, government, and businesses have to offer.” Stay tuned.  

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