Let's face it gents, we're not the best when it comes to planning ahead. Halloween seems to have crept up out of nowhere and I'm sure many of you are struggling to come up with some last minute costume ideas. Thankfully, Buffalo Dandy is here to give you a few simple ideas which require minimal effort based on some of our favorite movies.


Marty McFly: Back To The Future- I'm willing to bet any amount of money you are sure to see at least one Marty McFly out this year and for good reason. October 21st was the year in Back To The Future Part 2 when Marty traveled to 2015 to see all the incredible things the future had to hold which, sadly, have yet to come true (hover boards, flying cars, Cubs winning the World Series). This costume is pretty easy to pull off. All you need is some stone washed jeans, denim jacket, checkered button down and a red vest. Go the extra mile and try to snag one of the iridescent hats and hover boards, and patiently wait like the rest of us to get your hands on a pair of those self-lacing sneakers.

Chewbacca: The Force Awakens - Disney is pushing the new Star Wars movie pretty hard and with good reason (it looks incredible). Target has a pretty stellar selection of Star Wars costumes to choose from, but this one could be a no brainer for those who want to dress up, but also be comfortable/have women pet them all night. Best of all, this costume can be used after the Holidays as some comfy loungewear. Just be sure you've mastered the Chewbacca noise before you go out otherwise you're just wasting everyone's time.

Travis Bickle: Taxi Driver- You read our post about the M-65 Military jacket, right? Hopefully you went out a picked one up from Uncle Sam's Army Navy Store, and now all you need is a pair of shades, a "We Are The People" button and if you're feeling bold, a mohawk. The best part about this costume is you get to ask everyone all night "Are you talking to me?!" which is sure never to get old.

War Boy: Mad Max Fury Road - Hands down one of our favorite movies this year was Mad Max Fury Road. While dressing up like Immortan Joe would be bad ass, aint nobody got time for that, so one of his War Boys is the next best thing. Paint your face white, put some black powder on your forehead and eyes, get some grey cargo pants, loose the shirt and don't forget the silver cake spray to put on your mouth as you shout "WITNESS ME!" to your friends which is apparently the new "hold me beer and watch this". Extra points if you find a steering wheel to carry around with you all night.

Nathan: Ex Machina - This one may bit a more obscure, but true movie buffs will get the reference to another of our favorite movies: Ex Machina. This techno thriller had several incredible scenes in it, but none as awesome as the infamous dancing scene between Nathan and Kyoko. This song and subsequent dance sequence has become our official "getting turnt" anthem and should be yours as well. Just grab a black sweat suit, leave the zipper super low and you're done. The best part about this costume? You get to be drunk and dance all night long. Watch the video below and start perfecting those dance moves!