Father's Day is quickly approaching so Buffalo Dandy has compiled a comprehensive list of gifts that every dad will love. Best of all, the items featured here are all locally available so you don't need to worry about shipping or gifts showing up late.

O'Connell's Seaward & Stearn Woven Silk Tie - Dad has plenty of ties, but we're pretty sure he doesn't have one this awesome. Adhering to traditional methods of tie making by hand and using only the finest fabrics, Seaward & Stearn remains one of the very few English tie-making companies designing and coloring its own style of fabric. Each tie is made with a dual lining of cotton and wool to retain shape and insure recovery for a beautiful long lasting tie. Owning a Seaward & Stearn tie is akin to owning a fine piece of art. It was colored by an artist and made by hand exclusively in London, England. $135

The Official Buffalo Dandy Cap - Naturally your dad is a dapper guy (or maybe he isn't and you want to change that). Why not get him the perfect hat to show the world what a Dandy Dad he is. The official Buffalo Dandy hat is made of 100% cotton and produced locally by Buffalo's own New Era Cap Co. $20 

#Dadbod Mug by Drake General Store - As an homage to all the fathers out there who may not be as in-shape as they used to be, we bring you the Dadbod Mug. Celebrate his fatherly figure because it's probably your fault he's gained a couple extra pounds as a result of being too busy being the best dad ever. $15

Napoli's Per La Moda Gift Card - Sometimes picking out just the right clothes for Dad can be hard. If your Dad is into looking his Dandy best, may we recommend heading to one of the finest menswear shops in Buffalo: Napoli's Per La Mode. The store has an incredible selection of modern mens fashion including suits, shirts, ties, shoes and sportswear. The perfect place to shop for both dressing at home and the office, Napoli's also has some brilliant stylists to help create the perfect look for dad. $$$

Kegworks Personalized Wooden Beer Carrier - Let's be honest, you could be one of the reasons dad throws back a few cold ones from time to time, so why not elevate his beer game by getting him a monogrammed wooden carrier for all that Budweiser (iI mean craft beer) that he drinks. Complete with bottle opener, the rustic carrier is sure to get better with age... just like Dad. $50

Colkegan Whiskey - What we're being told by our friends from Gates Circle is that Colkegan is the perfect BBQ Whiskey. It uses malted barely instead of corn or rye and employs a smoked malt that substitutes southwestern mesquite for peat, an idea now prevalent in Southwestern craft circles. The whiskey is aged in various oak casks, at Santa Fe, NM at an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level, in the high desert. The result of the malt’s smokiness is uniquely revealed in a mellow finish, where a moderate mix of bark, leather and tobacco harden around a soft, lingering taste of vanilla ice cream laden with fresh black raspberries. $45

Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers: Moanin' - Hopefully dad is into vinyl, or at least jazz, but if not, why not start him on the path with a this classic by Art Blakey. The album stands as one of the archetypal hard bop albums of the era, for the intensity of Blakey's drumming and for its combination of old-fashioned gospel and blues influences with a sophisticated modern jazz sensibility. The album was identified by Scott Yanow in his Allmusic essay "Hard Bop" as one of the 17 Essential Hard Bop Recordings. A must have for any jazz lover $23

Proraso Shaving Kit - While Blue Collar is one of our favorite stores for clothes, did you know that they also have an impressive selection of shaving products? Proraso has been a staple in the Italian shaving world since the 1940s. Their products come in several varieties ranging from general use, sensitive skin and coarse, all of which are handsomely featured in their retro inspired packaging. Stop in the store and let them put together everything Dad will need to make his morning shaving ritual more enjoyable. $