The end of summer/beginning of fall is always a tricky time in Buffalo. The weather usually starts out cold and by midday the temps shoot up a good 20 degrees making dressing in layers essential. One classic menswear accessory which this type of weather is perfectly suited for is the neckerchief. Whether dressed up or down, the neckerchief can add a little warmth and flair to your outfit as you walk out the door, and if the temperature happens to rise it can always be moistened to provide a delightful cool down for its wearer. 
Best worn after being broken in a little, here are several examples of how to pair a neckerchief with different outfits. While the most popular pattern used is the standard damask bandana print, a neckerchief can really be made using any type of fabric you can imagine. It takes some practice to nail the perfect knot, but remember a neckerchief should never look too perfect as its very purpose is to exude a subtle, carefree vibe the Italians call Sprezzatura
Lastly, one of the best parts about the neckerchief is it is one of the most affordable accessories you can buy. Pick one up at your local army navy store, gas station, or if you're feeling baller, this slightly more expensive version from RRL which looks incredible. It's time to embrace the neckerchief gentlemen!