One of the most difficult things about going out is all the things you need to carry with you these days. Phone, wallet, keys…all of these things start to bulk up your finely tailored suit. Thankfully Edward Field has come along to provide a perfect solution by creating this beautiful leather iPhone wallet. With four individual credit card pockets, it also contains a flap pocket for recipes, business cards, or dollar dollar bills, y’all.

Made of beautiful 100% full grain Italian leather, the wallet is ultra-thin and soft to the touch, yet strong enough to withstand the test of time. Without a doubt the most unique feature is the micro-suction tape sheet which holds your iPhone in place. Filled with tiny suction cups which are invisible to naked eye, these small cavities create an impressive suction force which allow you to repeatedly rebond your phone without the messy residue of traditional adhesives. But the best part of the iPhone wallet? They are made right here in the USA.

The wallets are available for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus and come in both a brown and black colorway. Edward was kind enough to send me one to review and it has quickly become part of my daily necessities including my Corter Bottlehook, Field Notes Journal, my official book for summer, and this beautiful personalized leather bracelet by LB Man the wife got me for Father’s Day with our son’s D.O.B. on it. Get yours today and be sure to follow Edward Field on Instagram @edwardfieldusa.



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