There is a new establishment in the Elmwood Village vying to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, and if my initial visit there is any indication, those hankerings will be fulfilled for years to come.  White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt recently opened in June at 802 Elmwood Avenue, formerly the site of Dolci Bakery. This ultra-premium frozen yogurt bar stands out in a busy area of the Elmwood Village with its brightly colored patio furniture, and inviting atmosphere. Once inside, the fluorescent interior draws the eye to the 18 self-serve frozen yogurt dispensers, with 40 flavors being rotated throughout the year. This is much more than your simple chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry offerings. White Rabbit features such exotic flavors as Red Velvet Cake, Blue Daiquiri, Pink Lemonade, and White Chocolate Mousse, just to name a few. 

The self-serve concept is straightforward and sleek. One picks a cup, decides their flavor of yogurt, adds a well-stocked variety of toppings, ranging from gummy bears to chocolate covered pretzels (and everything in between), weighs their cup and cashes out. At $.49 per ounce, you truly pay for what you get. While looking around the interior, one couldn’t help but notice the large upstairs seating area, perfect for a quick retreat from the bustling Elmwood Village, complete with free wireless internet access. Possibly their coolest feature is FROYO dog, and it’s just what it sounds like. Not only can you yourself enjoy a treat, but so can your four legged friend. White Rabbit touts this as being healthy for their digestive systems, and what dog could argue with that?

So how was the Yogurt you ask? In a word - delightful. I chose the Old Fashioned Peanut Butter topped with Butter Finger pieces, fresh strawberries, ripe raspberries, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles, and oh yes, a cherry on top! The yogurt was delicious, super creamy, and hit the spot on a warm summer night. I found myself saying “I should have added another ounce for only $.49.” Another added benefit was feeling a bit less guilt with frozen yogurt having fewer calories than regular ice cream. White Rabbit also has a location in Tonawanda at 1750 Niagara Falls Boulevard near the I-290, as well as a future location at 7320 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Niagara Falls.  I encourage you to fulfill your next dessert craving with a trip to White Rabbit Frozen Yogurt. You won’t be disappointed.